Anna Milovanovic Aldoiu


I am Ana Milovanovic Aldoiu from Serbia, but I live and work in Romania.

In 2010 I started exploring the world while working on the cruise ships, so I had an opportunity to see how the beauty industry is growing world wide. In the same year, somewhere in USA I fell in love for with lash extensions and went for my first training.

Since then I have followed the worldwide evolution of lash extensions with attentive care, and this interactive learning combined with my passionate personality, refined my professional approach towards lashes. I always aim to create the most beautiful and appropriate extensions which are giving the “perfect look” to my customers.

I have worked on premium cruise ships and on a couple of TV projects from Serbian national TV station as a makeup and lash artist.

I am lash artist and educator, owner of AMA Studio in Romania and founder of AMA Lashes brand.

At AMA Studio we trained students from Romania and from all around the Europe (Belgium, Greece, Norway, ex Yugoslavia countries) and I can say that I’m a very proud educator because all my students are getting proper and detailed education of eyelash extension and all of them are now great lash artists.

My work appeared several times in very known Romanian blogs and as well in Lash Inc magazine.

I’m very open to attend any activities that concern eyelash extensions and as well to organize some, which include hosting Russian Volume Master Classes (This year hosting Lash Master Inesa Svetkina).


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