Bobbi April


My name is Bobbi April and I am Australia's first International Award winning Lash Artist. I feel so blessed to hold this title and even more so due to the fact that I placed 3rd at the very first Lash War's in 2014, after bringing my own volume  technique all the way from down under. 

After spending numerous year's mentoring fellow Beauty Therapist's and Lash artist's, I am now focusing on my long standing personal Client and Mentee base whist studying to be a coach.


Lash Artistry is my creative outlet. To uplift and encourage other's is what drives me and gives me great joy. I also run a Facebook group called Lash Artistry, which inspires all of us by means of sharing our unique creations in a supportive and encouraging environment.



Bobbi April~ Award Winning, Master Lash Artist