Kasia Glinka -Piecaba


My passion for Beauty began when I was a girl. I used to loved nails and make up,fashion .I also knew that someday in the future I will do what I love. So I started attending a beauty college and I received my first  beautician's diploma there. After that I worked in a small room in my house, having several clients and developing my passion to beauty. On my way I met Karen Grahan who trained me with the few techniques of eyelash extensions. She noticed in me a great determination to climb up.


After a few years, we decided to open the Lash Dolls and Beauty Academy . Another person who showed me the secrets of eyelashes and her amazing techniques  was Leanne Harber. I have completed the eyelash extension training with volume I mega volume. After a few more months, I finished the trainer-coaching course. And that's how I became an Ultimate trainer.


I develop my passion for eyelashes and brows every day. I am proud that today I can share my knowledge with other people. I love what I do and it gives me a lot of happiness. I was a participant in online eyelash championships organized by well-known fantastic trainers .

Couldn't be more happy as I am doing what I love. 


Our salon is also finalist of Irish beauty Awards 2017 . I have a lot of plans related to our Academy and developing our passion. And I will never gonna stop it...

as my passion is the key to happiness 


Lash Dolls Academy Owner