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Katja Kapun


My name is Katja Kapun. I come frome Slovenia.


I have been working with eyelash extensions for 5 years.
During this time I conducted over 5000 applications (many on celebrities) and a large number of courses.

I perfected my skills with the brand Xtreme Lashes, where they performed an initial course 1on1 volume.

- In 2016 I became the official coach for the brand Xtreme Lashes. Now I also have my own classes, I studied also with Hanna Putjato , Miranda Tarpey from UK Lash Institute, Camella lash from Taiwan and visited various seminars and conferences.

In the process of education, I give great emphasis on hygiene at work, the use of quality materials and of course the proper performance of applications.

I am the owner of Lash Academy Studio BODI VIDNA where each month we do more than 110 applications.

-Offering different eyelashes courses:
- 1on1 technique
- Russian volume 2-8D
- Mega volume 9-16D
- Mega volume (mirror link)
- My Own Kat-volume method. (Big fans)
- Eyebrow threading
The courses are carried out in Slovenia and in other countries at the request of the host.

I can proudly say that I have also received my tweezers named KL lashes.
For lashes,  I have also wrote for various magazines and appeared on a TV show, where I imagine styling for different occasions and the correct procedure for eyelash extensions. I enjoy my work and I am happy to teach new students. After each course, I'm excited about their progress.
I teach also my own speedy volume technique.
You can find me at the following links:

FB Page: Lash Academy Studio BODI VIDNA
Inst. Lash_Academy_Studio_ Bodi_ Vidna









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