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Mia Victoria Rutherford


Mia Victoria Rutherford, Lash Artist and owner of Mia's Lash Lab and Mia's Minks.

She has provided eyelash extension services with 15 years of knowledge.

Mia is the current Classic and Volume Trainer for Minkys in both San Jose California and Houston Texas.

Combined with artistic talents and an eye for natural beauty. She handpicks the stylist, so all the work done at the Studio reflects her philosophies, exceptional craftsmanship and customer service.


Mia knows a variety of styles and has received several training certificates from masters in eyelash extensions and microblading across the world such as London England with Teresa Smith with I Love Lashes, Nadia Afanaseva with  Eye Design, David Brow and many more.


Mia will listen to your needs and make suggestions to keep your style fashionable, natural, realistic and a little on the edge.​

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