Tania Withers


NAME: Tania Withers


COUNTRY: England/United Kingdom


Tania Withers entered the Beauty Industry in 2011 and quickly realised her passion for lashes was strong. After undertaking many courses at a poor level of both training and aftercare support, this spurred Tania to want to teach, so she could put more experienced and knowledgeable therapists into the industry and ensure they received an excellent level of support, after the training and once qualified. 


Even though Tania is an Educator herself, she still regularly undertakes training courses to continue to expand her own knowledge and keep up with the latest trends and changes in the industry, so she can pass this knowledge on to her students. 


Tania owns a hugely successful Beauty Salon, which was Plymouth's first Beauty Training Academy & Salon in one, which opened in February 2016. She also has a franchised salon in Cornwall, owned and managed by Aisha Clarke. 


Over the past 3 years since becoming and Educator, Tania has built up a busy training centre, based on her renowned, high quality courses. 

She re-launched her new training school - The Beauty Training Group, in May 2016 and it continues to go from strength to strength.  Tania is now hand-picking experienced and knowledgeable Educators from around the country to join her and expand her brand, ensuring that education and support is the forefront of their offerings. 


On top of running the two businesses, the Beauty Salons and her own Training Academy, Tania still boasts a full client base and still very much enjoys creating beautiful sets of lashes for her clients, as much as she enjoys teaching others. 



Eyelash Emporium World Lash Festival, Classic Category...

- Ranked 7th - 2015

- Won 1st place - 2016 


Lashings of Beauty & Training


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The Beauty Training Group


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