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Agne Vaiciute


Agne Vaiciute



Agne Vaiciute is founder and CEO of Italian company "Lash & Blade" dedicated to the care of eyelashes and eyebrows. After a few years working in the world of beauty she made a decision to raise awareness in people about the secrets of "eyelash extensions".

Agne specializes not only in lash extension and eyebrows, but in the past she has also frequented basic massage course at "S.E.M. (School of Modern Aesthetics) and chased her professional qualification for beauticians at school" Ecipar "of Bologna(Italy). She also had  a chance to enter  the world of professional make-up doing the course at the academy of "Make Up Forever."

First approach with the world of eyelash extensions occurred 4 years ago, making the basic course "One to one" in Rome. After doing a lot of practice and various collaborations with beauty salons, Agne has decided to take a step forward and take a diploma in advanced lash course in one of the most famous and prestigious schools of aesthetics of Lithuania "Baltic Beauty School". She trained also with these famous lash coaches: Loreta Jasilionyte(Flawless L'Lashes Academy) and Nataliya Morozova(Luxury Lashes).

In the past already she had an experience as a lash coach working with a training company in Rome. 

Besides having all the most important requirements for working in the world of aesthetics, Agne has also created the first forum on Facebook dedicated to lash makers "Eyelashes club" that currently has more than 1400 members.This group had great success not only in Lithuania but also involved lash makers from all over the world.



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