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Amy Williams


‘I want to be a huge impact in the lash industry helping and growing each of you to become your absolute best self’


I began my beauty journey in 2006 in Sydney studying beauty therapy, it ignited my passion for lashes which lead me to doing multiple courses with lash extension (lashes have come a long way from 2006)


In 2014 i was hungry for more having 2 salons i wanted to change the quality in product, surely what i was using was not the best of the best? Researching countries, endless emails, skype meetings, phone calls, international visits, thus came LashXtd Pro. A cruelty free, non animal product or bi product lash professional product that is medical graded to ensure the safest outcome! Now with a training academy within out warehouse we offer SALON, TRAINING & PRO PRODUCTS 


LashXtd Pro products extend wearable life and delivers the highest quality lashes at a great value.


i cannot wait to continue my journey and have you all apart of it. 


Amy Williams

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