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Ana Marie Osorio Algarín

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My name is Ana Marie Osorio Algarín, owner of "Lalux", I’m a twenty-three-year-old entrepreneur resident ofLuquillo, Puerto Rico. Since I was a little girl, I aspired to a career that involved beauty and self-care.

This said I’ve always wanted to be a professional that somehow, could contribute to women's self-esteem. Immediately after I graduated high school, I went through my options and decided to start my studies in cosmetology. Once in the field, I wasn’t entirely feeling myself and started to search for other professions in the esthetician world. It is then when the Lash Artist opportunity appears. In the beginning, it was tough and complicated, but my aspirations helped me to persevere in this profession. I remember taking as long as four or five hours per person to get a full classic lash set done. I practiced on my closest friends and family trying to be better every day. It was stressful for me to try on selling my services taking so long and knowing that most of Lash artists are faster. Also, I needed to improve not only in time but in the appearance of my lash work. I remember when finishing my lash work my friends' eye would be very reddish and it didn’t look like she felt satisfied with the process.

Months passed and I kept practicing and doing my best every day. I began educating myself
with other lash artists and started to take notes on some tricks that definitely were my lash hacks. It was then when I started to see progress in my lash works, I created my logo to officially start giving my services to the public. I started to receive very positive comments about my lash work and not only my services but my customer attendance is one of the things I’m constantly flattered about.

I can guarantee that I never go to “work” because every day I do my job, I do it with love,
passion, and dedication, making this a very grateful adventure for my professional growth. I deeply enjoy evolving in this field and I’m sure that this is only the beginning of a bright future as a Lash Artist.


I aspire on exploring my potentials and to keep educating myself to engage and develop an abundance of knowledge of the lash world. I can conclude this short autobiography by saying that passion, perseverance, discipline, and dedication, were my best colleagues to reach my dreams, and right now, I’m living my dream.



Address: 51-69 Calle Diego Salduondo, Fajardo PR 00738

Email Address:

Instagram @lalux.lashes

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