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Anastasia Jamieson

I am mum to 4, and proud to have a nice combination of 2 girls and 2 boys! 

I hold a University Degree in Accounting and Auditing, and had a successful 19 year career in finance in my country however, due to family circumstances I moved permanently to the UK in November 2012. I decided to change my career completely in order to have more free time with my children.

I completed my first lash training and slowly built my confidence working from home. I began to work as a brow and lash artist for an employer which had more than 20 branches around the UK based in Debenhams stores with walk-in services. This work was really busy but provided me with a great opportunity to work with people I otherwise would not work with from home. 3 years Iater I started my own small business and since then I have completed further training, have participated in lash conferences and have even taken part in competitions. 

Today I wouldn’t change anything and I feel complete working as a lash artist and being a mum. To combine work and family has become so much easier!

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