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Arta Mazreku

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Arta Mazreku is from Kosovo, located in Pristina (the capital city of Kosovo).

She is a high school professor as a first profession and she has been working in the lash industry for 8 years now and has started her own business in her apartment with only 1050 Euros, She now owns a Lash and Nails Academy that has over 100m2 and offers amazing training for all kinds of lash extension methods.


She is a lash artist who always thrives to learn more and get better, which ensures that she will teach her students the best methods that are aligned with the industry standards.

Being a professor helped her a lot in teaching others and being a great student herself as well.

She has recently got the title of an international educator, she emphasizes this point with the sincere hope that every individual, particularly young women, persists in pursuing their passions despite discouragement. The unwavering pursuit of one's dreams invariably leads to their realization."



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