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Claire Carmichael


Designer Lashes was established by Claire Carmichael in 2014, and specialises exclusively in the art of eyelash extensions. 


Offering both classic and Russian volume lash styles, Designer Lashes is dedicated to creating a set of eyelash extensions that will enhance your eyes and facial features. 

Seamlessly blending your natural lashes with beautifully soft faux mink, your new lashes will feel and look authentic, ensuring you look perfect from the moment you awaken, through whatever activities you pursue during the day – be it sitting in an office or snorkelling in Hawaii – to when you retire to your bed. 



Endorsed with excellence by Elisia Webb, Claire is meticulous in her eyelash extension application.  The combination of an experienced, dedicated technician and a tranquil, calm environment is a treatment that allows you to walk out of the salon looking beautiful, while feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed.






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