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Corina Maleca

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○ Lamimaker, esthetician, jurist.

○ CEO & Founder of My Lamination® & My Lamination Brow®.

○ Two times Winner of Best International LamiMaker Award (Italy, Russia), and 6 times Winner of Best International Trainer Lash Lamination Award (Italy, Russia, Belarus, Romania, Spanish) in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

○ International Lamination Judge (59 Championships), Lamination Speaker (30 Conference's) and LaminationTrainer in 27 countries: Russia, Lithuania, Italy, Scotland, Portugal, UK, Slovenia, Germany, Serbia, Israel, Greece, Ukraine, Iran, Moldova, France, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Belarus, Turkey, Spanish, Croatia, Chezh Republic, USA, Colombia, Switzerland.

○ International event Organizer: "Lamination European Championship" Italy 2016.


My Lamination® is the winner of 14 awards:

○ Best Innovation of the Year (2017) Award Belarus.

○ Brand of the Year (2017) Award Russia.

○ Two times winner Product of the Year (2017 & 2018) Award Russia.

○ Excellent in Beauty (2018) Award Moldova.

○ Top International Lash Academy & Top Team (2018) Award Romania.

○ Brand of the Year (2019) Award Spanish.

○ Contribution to the development (2019) Award Spanish.

○The Best Academy of Lamination (2019) Award Italy.

○ Top Lash Academy & Top Instagram (2019) Award Romania. 

○ Brand of the Year, Award USA (2020)

○ Brand of the Year, Award Italy (2021).


My Lamination®: is the ONLY company whose students and trainers were awarded more than 240 times in International Championships.


Facebook & Instagram: My Lamination





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