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 Danielle Crals


Hey there my name is Danielle. I live in the southern part of the Netherlands in a town called Maastricht. Before I started my lashcarreer, I worked several years as a make-up artist. I already loved the transformations that make clients feel more beautiful and secure about themselves. 


But how did I get into the lash world?

In 2017 I gave birth to my beautiful son. During the pregnancy it made me think when your make-up artist you travel a lot and sometimes I worked till midnight. This is not exactly what you want when your going to be a mom so I decided to look around so I could have stable hours and still time left to spend with my son. During this adventure I discovered lashlifting and lashextensions I allways liked precise work and a challenge. And oow yeah it definitely was a challenge and
still is. 


My first course wasn’t that great and definitely not motivating to continue lashing but gladly I’m not a quitter so I didn’t give up. I gave it another shot and went for a training elsewhere. By now I allready followed several courses in classic and russian volume lashes with the best international trainers around the world. The love for lashes grew quickly and the results and the response of my clients are priceless. It keeps me going and strife for better results each time. I think the challenge will never fade since im so passionate with lashes. 


I have a lot scheduled for the upcoming future and still plenty to learn since I’m just a junior lasher. Thats why I follow several courses each year, practical and theory wise, and in 2020 I registered myself to join the World Lash Cup for the category 2-3d lashes. My first competition ever, its going to be an amazing ride and I cant wait for it!

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