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Dan Predoiu - Romania


About myself

My wife which is nail technician encouraged me to start this job. When I started in 2015, my experience  in  eyelash extensions   field were 0. What  I knew was that I needed some extra money for my daughter who is  student on veterinary medicine institute and I saw how excited  were my wife’s clients after she finished her nails done.

I served in the army 20 years and 10 years in banking on Citi Financial and  Garanti Bank, and some sales jobs, none of this jobs was not even close to this area but I knew I will succeed, felt  I will love it!


Something  funny about my first training  course. 

When I saw that I must  take one by one the synthetic lashes on the tray to put it in adhesive and stick to a natural eyelash, I said to myself  that  I’ll never can do that!  I had not even suitable glasses to see those small and fragile lashes on the box!  “Well, if you think you can’t do this and you are not  able to   take even eyelashes  out of the box, there's nothing to do!” the trainer said. This statement   puzzled me, how to quit? I got that evening my car, drove 200 km in speed home, talked to my eyeglasses technician to make me the right  pear and next day at 8 o'clock I was back in front of  the saloon’s door. At 9 came the trainer and when she saw me on the saloon’s door smiled and told me: "You don’t give up, right?" "I do not think so, I said, learn to me apply real eyelash extensions indeed, please!"

And so I am a lash technician now. I make eyebrows  microblading  too but my love are eyelash extensions. I worked hardly, in that almost   exclusive world of women, it is  hard for a man!  Not the best in my country, but one of the bests maybe and I like this job!  I did  the basic eyelash extension course  individual  with Cecilia Enache  and I thanks her because she was the first person who put the tweezers  in my hand,  then I perfected my technique on advanced course Master Class 1D-2D-3D  on Tabya Lash Academy in Bucharest.  Everything you see in photos is my real work ,the result of many days and nights of personal  exercises.  After completing the training course on Tabya Lash Academy, seeing my work and assessments photos on Facebook, they told me that not really needed  come to this course  because  I was already working  in  these techniques. This statement make me  enjoy and gain confidence to go boldly forward. Were the result of many nights of hard work.

Now I am freelancer in a little town from Romania called Focsani. For the future I want to become a real lash artist and to reach the high level  of Frankie Widdows  or Anna Milovanovic  Aldoiu , why not,  real grate eyelash artists.  I want to work in Bucharest, the capital of Romania and to participate in national and international competitions.

My contact details:

Dan Pedoiu , Focsani Romania

Facebook profile

Instagram:   dangenefocsani




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