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Danuta Bialek

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Danuta Bialek is a Polish Lash Master based in Great Britain.

She fell in love with the world of eyelash extensions in 2013 when she completed her first training and has been improving her skills ever since.

She became a fully qualified Lash Master after completing several additional courses, and in 2017, she decided to turn her profession into a passion by starting her own company, Prodigious Lashes – the definition of high-quality eyelash extension products.

Danuta's career really took off in 2017 when she began competing and achieved amazing results, winning most of the competitions she participated in.

In 2018/2019, Danuta decided to share her passion and knowledge with others and became an eyelash extension educator in the UK.

By 2022, Danuta had won over 60 trophies in the Expert/Trainer category, solidifying her place as a leading lash artist and educator.

Professionally active, she constantly expands her knowledge and shares it with others, because, as she believes, there is nothing more pleasant than combining her passion with work. 


Thank you so much! 

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