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Daria Ziolkowska


Daria - Foundress of 'Velvet Lashes by Daria' now claimed one of the World Bests Lash Stylists by Lash Masters vol. 4 inquiry, Leading official trainer in UK, 1 of 18 PHI Royal artists and distributor of 'Amazing Lashes' lash products. 


Daria began her incredible Lash journey 9 years ago and has dedicated a lot of time into perfecting her skills, building herself a regular client base and becoming a Lash stylist to many UK Celebrities. 


Last year Daria decided to become a lash trainer and she hasn't looked back. In this time - just a year she has trained over 200 students. She has been invited many times in many different countries and now is doing also  dual trainings with other lash trainers.


During these 9 years she's developed her own speedy volume unique technique for perfect fans and 'how to fill inner corner within 5-7mins'


Daria has undertaken over 20 world wide master lash artists courses. The combination of knowledge and experience is one of the reasons she is now one of the most rated trainers in the UK. 


However her journey doesn't stop here. She is now taking her trainings very internationally with recent trips to the other countries in Europe, UAE and soon to US and Canada, offering classic, advanced 2-8d and mega volume 6-15d eyelash extensions courses like also starting a new experience creating and organising many dual trainings. 


Daria is also an International lash judge during different lash online and live competitions.

Daria pushes herself to be the best in her profession and is proudly multi awarded winner of world wide lash competitions.














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