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Ekaterina Ulyanoff


Ekaterina Ulyanoff ,


Canada ( Montreal)


  • Ekaterina Ulyanoff, 6 times nationally nominated makeup artist with 9 years of experience , and a volume lash extensions artist with 6 years of experience

  • Founder of  lash extensions brand “ Lash Royals”.

  • “Being a professional makeup artist,  I was always mesmerized by the beauty of eyes, how they reflect personality and inner world.  Beautifully defined eyelashes take one of the most important parts in eye makeup, and very often when a client asks for natural but enhanced makeup, I always pay attention to the eyeliner and lashes. Therefore, becoming a lash artist was a natural transition for me.

  • Sometimes when I talk to the person, whether it’s a woman or a man, if they happen to have naturally full, long and curly lashes, instantly the person attracts all your attention since you are looking into each other’s eyes.”

  • Amongst her clients Ekaterina is known for styling of the eyes, which plays  a crucial role when creating perfect eyelash extensions that will define the eye shape, correct the flaws such as hooded eyelids, deep set, close set or wide set eyes without the need of makeup.

  • After years in the beauty industry she is now a founder of a luxury lash extensions products “Lash Royals”, specializing in volume eyelash extensions.  



Training is available.​




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