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Elisabeth Bexter


Elisabeth Bexter 


  • Director and founder of BeautyLounge Stockholm, one of Sweden's highest rated and prestigious celebrity salon.

  • Founder of the award winning Swedish beauty and lash lift brand "By Bexter" 

  • International lash artist/trainer/judge and speaker.

  • Expert senior Journalist at Lash Inc International 


Elisabeth is a worldwide recognized Lash Artist and has multiply winnings and awards from international lash competitions behind her. Only the last year she has been awarded: 


  • 3 times winner in the World Cup 2018, Amsterdam 

  • Lash artist of the year 2017, Sweden

  • Awarded Best Volume lash artist of the year 2017, Sweden

  • Awarded Best Classic lash artist of the year 2017, Sweden

  • Winner of Victories du Regard 2017 World Championship "like my lash"


Elisabeth has been trained by the world´s best trainers has over 35 master diplomas. The experience and knowledge is one of the reasons she is now one of the top rated trainer in Sweden. 














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