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Elo Rohtoja


I have been part of the lash business since 2009 when I had my first basic lash course. At that time we didn’t have much selection of quality lash trainings. So I had to seek trainings abroad. And at that point lash industry took my heart.
I have been setting up SeeBeauty brand and I am distributor in Finland. SeeBeauty is the most successful brand here in Finland. I am also SeeBeauty’s head trainer and I arrange lash trainings in different parts of Finland also Estonia. 

I am also part of Lash Inc Academy. I will open new Academy in Estonia on March, 2019. Because I have been eager to know and learn all about lashes I have had many trainings with foreign professionals like Agnieszka Kwiatkowska, Yulia Iskusknyk, Loreta Jasilionyte and so on.

After every training I have been practicing and practicing all the new techniques so that I can be better trainer and to give right kind of
information forward.

As a trainer I am passioned and very strict because I want for all my students success, to get forward and be better than others. 
My teaching style is suitable for everybody. It doesn’t matter are you beginner or pro. I am calm but determined. Because of my knowledge I can help with any problems and I will  give personal guiding to everyone. I like to keep group size small, then I can ensure that all get as much information and help as possible and needed. After the training it is up to student to keep getting more information. And the most important thing is to PRACTICE as much as possible.

The lash industry changes very fast at the moment and products develop safer and easier to work with. I follow lash and beauty trends and that is how I guarantee that my clients and students get the best there is. For example I have been focusing on cleansing of lashes. I can’t underline enough how important it is to have clean lashes!

Beside the lashes I think brows are also very important to our clients. I am trained with Henna Spa, Ultimate Brow and Phibrows. I also teach Henna Spa. 

My trainings history 
2009 Hoitolatukku Perfect Lashes Classic
2011 Xtreme Lashes, classic
2013 Volume extensions
2015 Star Lash Academy Volume Masterclass
2015 3D Browsculpting, Lydia Feodora Jakson
2016 Star Lash Academy Mega Volume
2016 Star Lash Academy Cloydy effect
2016 Star Lash Academy trainer course
2016 Lash conference Tallinn
2016 Ultimate brow, Leanne Harber
2016 Mega Volume, Yulia Iskusnyh
2016 Mega Volume, Nelly Soimina
2016 Lash inc Trainer training 
2016 Henna Spa, Lash Art University, Ukraina
2016 Lash and Brow Conference Praha
2016 International Lash Conference Amsterdam
2016 International Lash Battle Amsterdam 2016 , 4th place 
2016 Volume Masterclass, Loreta Jasilijonyte ja Daniel Olsson
2017 Volume Masterclass , London Lash Pro, Darja Striletskaja
2017 Sonja Smatko, Perfect Russian volume 
2017 Microblading, PhiBrows 
2017 Perfect line , Tatjana Terentjeva 
2017 5-15D Russian volume, Liuda Apostol 
2017 Star Lash Academy workshop
2017 Volume Masterclass, Helga Halapi
2017 Angelash Volume, Anastasia Hutsaliuk
2017 Lash Safety (in progress)
2017 Eye styling, Julia Mann (online)
2017 Doug Schoon Glue seminar 
2017 Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift
2018 Colors, Megavolume Anamarija Tališman
2018 Lash Inc Academy trainer

My highlights 
2016 Finnish Championship , judge 
2017 Finnish Championship, judge 
2018 Estonian Championship, judge 
2018 Finnish Championship , judge
2018 Maraton De Pestañas , speaker 
2018 Lash Pro Contest 
🥇place in Lash Art 
2018 Lash Artist of the Year 🥈place in Lash Art
2019 Campeonato Top Artistas 🥉place in Lash Art
2019 nominated in Top 100 Global Lash Artists 

Regards Elo

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