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Felicia Bleakney


A seasoned professional, Felicia has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years. Felicia first fell in love with the art of nail design because it allows her to showcase her creativity while instilling a sense confidence, sophistication, and joy in her customers. Striving to expand her expertise, skills, and services, Felicia is also an accomplished lash artist and her work has been featured in Lash Inc. Magazine


Felicia has continued to hone her knowledge of lashing by researching and implementing the latest techniques and she is now a trainer for Glad Lash, a leading international manufacturer and distributor of lash extension products. From your initial appointment to the intricacies of after-care, Felicia is eager to encourage you through each step of lash extension process as you revitalize your look.

Admired by her peers and adored by her guests felicia is a natural born stylist, who is eager to help you  achieve your desired look. 


Her customers are guaranteed to leave her salon not only  with gorgeous lashes or nails but also a sense of sophistication and excitement.










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