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Frankie Widdows


Frankie Widdows, Master Lash Artist, Accredited International Trainer and Lash Judge.

We offer a variety of courses:


Skill building

Master Lash Artist

Beginners Volume

Advanced Volume


We pride ourselves on offering quality courses at competitive cost, with each course encompassing everything the student requires to start and/or further their lashing career, with ongoing advice and guidance available 24/7.

Every student receives a welcome pack and detailed manual, DVD and educational material, in addition to personal training with myself.

Students can receive one-to-one training or be part of an intimate group not exceeding 6, and for those overseas (or for whom travel is impracticable), my online courses provide the same quality and content of educational material.

In addition, to this, we also have an online mentoring group that I actively run 365 days a year. This group was set up for qualified techs that want to stay up-to-date with the latest developments within the industry, have a safe place to talk with like minded lash techs, and have access to over 150 of my advanced lashing tutorials, which I upload week after week.

We also have our online shop, with all items personally selected by myself, and every pair of tweezers being hand tested to ensure they meet my high standards.

Our aim is to bring quality to the lash industry, while remaining affordable, and to equip lash techs with everything they need.


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