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Gaurean Ionela Victorita

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My name is Gaurean Ionela Victorita, and I am Romanian.

After 15 years of living in Italy, I decided to come back home. 

Back in Italy, one of my friends was Russian and she needed a little helper in her salon, so she taught me how to apply eyelash extensions ( classics one to one 1D ).

So coming back home was the beginning of a new era for me. 

7 years ago, when I first started lashing, there were barely any professional products to use here.

Now, I am a lash artist that still has lots to learn and a lash trainer that gives the best to her students. 

Below are some of my favorite sets of lashes. None of these are done for the portfolio! These are all commercial sets, I did on my clients!

Social Media Profiles:

Instagram: @nelys_lashgame

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Gaurean Ionela Victorita 2.jpg
Gaurean Ionela Victorita 3.jpg
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