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Hanna Babanakava


Hey-hey! My name is Hanna,


I was born in Belarus and lived there over 20 years.
After I moved to Canada and started working in 2016 I re-branded my company, created something much bigger and better. Now Angel Wings® is an international company that provides top quality supplies and training with head office in Montreal, Canada. its popularity grows all over the world as we connect lash technicians in several ambitious projects.
– Lash global™ Championship – the biggest international championship in Canada
– Lash Global Conference – the biggest international conference in Canada
– Lash Global magazine – the 1st international lash magazine that is based in Canada, started January 2018
– CatFight™ Championship series online – a unique project of championship series that are divided to independent Rounds, that have different rules, different judges and different prizes. It is very affordable and fast going. Started March 2018
– Lash Expert™ platform – online training and lessons for lash artists of any experience
…and we have even more projects coming in the near future!



My idea of quality services and supplies.
I never wanted to work with cheap, low quality supplies or to do a very inexpensive (and, as a result, inferior) work. I’m a quality freak. That’s why I went to championships to learn what I’m worth. My prices have always been premium, but my clients know what they are paying for. Currently Angel Wings does not accept new clients and only provides services to our regular customer base.
Applying this idea of perfect quality to lash supplies, I had a vision to create the best line of lash product to work with. As a multiple lash champion and prize winner I received lots of presents and had a chance to try many brands some of them good and others not so good. I put together all desired qualities like 20-line boxes, non-sticky covers, no glue residue, absolute minimum of short defective lashes in a lash tray, a uniform curl, a good grip, keeping the curl well, and many others. I have spent time collecting my expert knowledge about lash supplies. After 8 more months of testing and research I was able to design the product line I had dreamt of.
I care and love my vocation, so it makes me extremely proud to offer Angel Wings product line I have created.



I never considered getting noticed or being invited to events by other technicians. However, in only one year I’ve become a judge and a speaker in over 15 international lash events and a highly demanded trainer.
I understand that staying in one place in the lash industry makes the value of your work steadily decline. New trends emerge and new techniques appear all the time. Additional information gets revealed be it new facts about the lash glue or something entirely novel, which requires further study and experimentation.
This is what draws me as a speaker to be one of the people who does research for the benefit of our industry, brings up and pours light on new and unexplored topics.
The idea of offering fellow lash artists something new and useful is truly inspiring to me.
That’s why I aim to create many ways to share the knowledge. Lash Global championship and conference brings together the best lash specialists from all over the world. Also I have launched an online platform for courses and lessons. Aside from that I offer many absolutely free options to learn including my YouTube channel, professional blog, Facebook and Instagram community groups, as well as Lash Global magazine.


Training is all about innovation. Classic and Volume extensions are already old news. Nowadays most of the clients want volume extensions. But to provide this service new lash technicians need to go through two periods of training (classic and then volume) and spend a significant amount of time practicing before they start their volume course. My innovative program for basic training includes both classic and volume trainings, which saves the student time and money. I collect my knowledge all over the world and add my own experience and inventions. This allows my students achieve better results faster.
Overall, we offer many other live and online unique training courses with the information you will never find on other lash courses including:
– Photo portfolio for lash artist (created together with a professional photographer)
– Volume advanced training - Special effects in eyelash extensions
– Expert volume (mega volumes and volume quality perfection)
– Expert modeling – detailed styling analysis
– One-hour volume speed-up
– Championship preparation
– Training trainers and trainers certification
– Lash Expert special lessons online


For any questions please, send your requests to


Official links: – website – Lasher support community – training page

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