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Julie Knight


Hey there!

I’m Julie and I’m a Lash Addict!

I’m also happily married with a beautiful daughter and I love working, reading, walking, travelling, pharology and wildlife, especially Koalas.


I’m certified Master Lash Stylist having performed over 16,000 treatments in the last decade, equating to more than 25,000 hours of hands on practical experience. I run a very busy and highly sought after treatment service in Bristol along with my training academy. I’m qualified to teach and has been training new and experienced Lash Stylists since 2012. Whether new or experienced in the beauty industry, I support my student's professional development with high quality, accredited training and certification. This is complemented by a range of in-depth training materials and lifelong advisory support.


I offer mentoring to focus on business goals along with workshops and tailored coaching sessions to focus on particular skills or knowledge areas. Courses and coaching sessions are offered as a one to one for a truly personalised service or in super small groups. Mentoring is one to one only.


I’ve trained in person and online with a wide variety of national and international trainers and leading industry experts. I also attend many lash conferences and webinars to keep up with change. In turn, my students learn the most up to date techniques in this fast developing industry and it helps me in my role as a Professional Practice Consultant to a law firm.


I’m the MD and Organiser of World Lash University (Conference, Competition, Awards) and have partnered with Olympia Beauty to deliver The Lash Games from 2021. This is an amazing Live competition experience along with educational opportunities and a market space. Please visit


I’m the Founder and Editor of Lash-Ed magazine and love working with Lash Artists and business gurus to share much needed education, inspiration and motivation! Please visit


I created Behind the Mask, offering U.K. Hair and Beauty professionals FREE online training on how to spot the signs of domestic abuse and how they can help in the best way. Over 66,000 people have taken the training in its first 18 months. Please visit


Some other things I get up to are:

  • Judging Lash Competitions

  • Sponsoring numerous events / competitions with my growing brand

  • Subject Matter Expert speaker at Live and Online events

  • Championing Menopause Awareness (don’t let this one catch you unawares!)


I’ve also been featured over 50 times in numerous trade Magazines and over 50 times in the mainstream media and on PodCasts.

I love networking with likeminded lash enthusiasts so feel free to get in touch ♥


Best wishes and happy lashing,

Julie Knight

Lash Stylist / Experienced Trainer

Director of JK Beauty Limited

Tel number: 07521 904625









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