Julie Knight


Hi there, I’m Julie and I am a certified master lash stylist and trainer. I run a very busy and highly sought after treatment service in Bristol along with my training academy.

I’m qualified to teach and has been training new and experienced therapists since 2012. Whether new to beauty or an experienced therapist looking to enhance their skills, I support my student's professional development with high quality, accredited training and certification.

This is complemented by a range of exceptionally comprehensive learning materials. Tailored coaching sessions are also available where students can focus on particular skills or knowledge areas that they want to refine. Courses and coaching sessions are offered as a one to one for a truly personalised service. Students say that my knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for lashing is inspiring and infectious!


I have trained with a wide variety of national and international trainers and leading industry experts. I also partake in a number of lash conferences and webinars to keep my knowledge and skills up to date. In turn, my students learn the most up to date techniques in this fast developing industry.

Furthermore, they have lifelong access to updated materials through an exclusive web-based knowledge hub together with lifelong advisory support.

I have also written a number of articles on a variety of themes that have all been published in the fabulous Lash Inc magazine during 2016 as well as having some pictures of my work published too.

My primary purpose for training and writing is simple. I am passionate about raising the standards in our industry to protect its reputation and our clients. Without them, there is no industry!

Best wishes and happy lashing,
Julie Knight

Master Lash Stylist and Trainer
Director of Eye by i and Eye by i Academy
Tel number: 07521 904625