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Kim Gibb


I have been involved in the lash extension business since 2007 when I originally trained with Alison Francis (AHFrancis).I was Scottish trainer for Alison and trained therapists all over Scotland in salons and private training schools.


I was also a full time lecturer in Motherwell College until 2011.I am trainer for CTA (Caledonian Therapy Academy) Glasgow. At the academy we offer training courses for semi-permanent, express and Russian volume.I write articles for Lash Inc. magazine on a regular basis and also have a chapter in Beauty Masters book.


I have had a passion for lashes since the very beginning and after my initial training with Alison I had to then go and carry out 30 practical case studies before becoming qualified and competent enough to teach this amazing treatment.


I have a select clientele who have their lashes topped up regularly and it is my favourite treatment alongside eyebrow treatments.I have also recently released a training DVD for Lash Lift which has also became a firm favourite of mine and I am lash and brow consultant for Revival Retreat Salons based in Glasgow West End and City Centre.


I am the owner of BBD Brow Extensions Company, another passion of mine, and I am currently offering this as a free treatment to people suffering from alopecia or brow loss due to chemotherapy.Lash extensions have moved on in a big way since I first was introduced to them and I have kept up to date with all the new products and styles currently offered in the industry, the newest being Russian volume.


Russian volume are a whole new ball game and do take a lot of skill and practice, this training is only offered to experienced lash technicians who are happy (or maybe sad!) to practice, practice, practice picking up perfect fans from 2D to 7D. So applying up to 7 very, very, very fine lashes to each individual lash.Lash adhesives have also moved on in a big way, with much better consistencies, less fumes, better retention and drying times i.e. 1-2 seconds.


Lash extensions are not for the faint hearted but they have been a passion of mine since the very beginning when I did my initial training, but I will never stop learning and practicing to be the best I can possibly be and pass on this skill to others who may have the same passion.


Kim Gibb

Lash artist and trainer.

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