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Kristina Dovbijenko


Kristina Dovbijenko

I’m living in Ireland for 13 years but I’m originally from Latvia. I have been working in the beauty industry for almost a 10 years and I can’t imagine doing anything else. My first passion was nails but when I discovered lashes I was converted.


I’ve completed many courses in lash techniques provided by experts from all over the world. They inspire me to become the best at what I do. At the moment I’m working from a studio in my home. In the near future I hope to expand my business into an independent unit where I can provide the best service possible.


Along with my devotion to lashes I have a keen interest in brows. I have qualifications in embrowdery and permanent make up and I plan on expanding on that education in the future. Education is vital to improve any aspect of your work and I have organised for masters in the field to come to Ireland and give classes to lash technicians here.


It is so important that we share what we know with each other. It is big pressure to ask someone to visit another country but it has been very successful and it’s something I will do again. I am proud of my achievements in the industry so far but I have great ambitions. I want to improve on my technique as a brow artist as well as a lash technician.


I want to provide a centre of excellence where I can eventually teach and pass on all I have learned. I want to introduce others to the joy my work brings me.

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