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Lesley Ann Altree


Luscious Lashes International ™ brand was established in 2005 and now is an International brand with Trainers and Stockists in a number of countries.


Being in the industry for 10 years we have watched the industry evolve. We regularly go overseas to see what's new and attend lash seminars, to keep ahead of the industry, so that we can bring you the latest trends, products and knowledge.


Our trainers have years of experience in this industry and have tried and tested almost every major product on the market. Lesley-ann, our head educator recently featured as one of the Lash Masters in the 2nd publication of the book and has won the international LashInc Lash Artist of the year award, while co-founder  whom also is a Lash Master and trainer, Cliff Altree has won in the Master category of the international competition, the Eye of 2016 calendar in the Lash Master category as well.

We have also cut out the middle man and gone straight to the manufacturers to bring you the best quality products, without the middleman prices.


The end result is our fully comprehensive kits, and courses offered at extremely competitive prices!


Our website is:  and


And email address is:



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