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Marisol Price


Ooh'lah Lash is a full-service eyelash extension salon. We cater to the concept of enhancing the beauty of every single client that walks in our door. When you have an appointment with a staff member at Ooh'lah Lash, you will not only be walking out with added confidence but you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

All of the staff members at Ooh'lah Lash have been trained under the guidance of master lash artist Marisol Price. Marisol has gone through years of training herself, as well as becoming a lash artist author and instructor. You won't find a better, more meticulous training than the Ooh'lah Lash staff! We hold ourselves to the highest standard. 

Ooh'lah Lash offers several services. We perform lash extensions varying from a classic or signature  set all the way up to 6D volume sets. So whether you are looking at enhancing your eyes to a simple classic set or wanting to go all out for a dramatic volume set Ooh'lah Lash is your spot to be. 

We pride ourselves on not only the quality of our work but the experience you will receive from your visit at Ooh'lah Lash. 

If you're an existing client to Ooh'lah Lash we thank you, and if you're looking for not only the concept of eyelash extensions but the experience that we provide then Ooh'lah Lash looks forward to meeting you.  

Ooh'lah Lash

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