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Martina Krajinovic Gülsün


Martina Krajinovic Gülsün



I am a beautician and CLD international lash educator, with almost 200 students only in 2015. Mainly coming from ex-Yugoslavia countries.

I’m the owner of a beauty salon and education centre for eyelash extensions situated in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, cooperating in all kinds of projects and educational work with different makeup artists, tattoo artists, nail designers and hairdressers.


As one of the first lash artist in Croatia I had the privilege to be one of the leaders in Croatian lash industry, which is constantly growing. As an educator I am doing Basic course, teaching method 1:1, xD volume course teaching basic Russian volume method 2d-6d.And also I am a co-founder of an advanced Russian volume course -Expert volume lashing where I offer a number of different volume techniques to create different looks with all the "secrets" that most of us are keeping for ourselves.Every student gets a certificate that has a watermark of the Academy and is valid in all EU countries.


As I am coming from a really small country, I am proud to be Finalist in Lash inc competition Lash artist of the year 2015. 


All about CLD courses you can find on the website


Martina Krajinovic Gülsün

Beauty salon Kallos




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