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Mary Pasnin - PNNB Academy


Mary Pasnin is the owner of PNNB salon Danmark,  PNNB ACADEMY Online training & mobil app and  DLUX PROFESSIONAL Danmark and Sweden.  


She comes from Mauritius and live in Danmark since 2010. She opened her first business in 2011 with nails and lashes, where her career in the eyelash extension industry began.  At that time the eyelash industry was not so big in Danmark, and she was very skeptical about the glues onto the Danish market due to allergies and reactions as she used to be a science student.


The change from science studies to the beauty business was so big, but it was still very exciting, so she attended her first basic lash course in Sweden which eyelash’s glue was developed by a cancer doctor .


Her business grew very fast, substantially from the early days which was very special as Danmark was still very new to her. She built the business, while she learned danish in the evening. Her business grew very fast, with 90% returning happy client due to the longevity of her treatments.


Mary was fascinated of the art of Eyelash Extensions, due to the creative aspects and specially the science behind it which intrigues her. The ability to help woman feel more beautiful and confident in themselves, makes her happy.  

Already from the start, she had this dream of having an academy and a brand of her own . Her passion and curiosity for the industry was her obsession to success.  In 2013, after long research and products testing, she finally get a trademark on PNNB in PNNB Lashes which was approved in EU for both eyelashes school and products and starts to use her own lashes products in her clinic. At that time, she was only training her own employees, and wanted to start the school into her brand-new clinic, but she got way too busy with the salon, and was unable to start it.


Mary finally in 2018, put together a great online academy with focus on durability of eyelash extension at molecular level where the focus is into, what eyelash stylist should be aware of to make long lasting eyelash extensions and the chemistry behind it.


Her love for science and beauty business are what give her the drives to begin offering comprehensive and intensive online training courses in eyelashes, so that she can share her knowledge and experience in the eyelash industry of the last 7 years to others. 


September 22th, 2018, Mary launched the first fully developed mobile App worldwide for only eyelashes extensions online education, with focus in the chemistry of eyelashes for better retention . It is a very intensive and comprehensive training as well as offering the safest and highest quality supplies of eyelash products to Lash Stylists worldwide with PNNB Lashes & Dlux Professional.

She launched also her own professional eyelashes extension brand worldwide called PNNB Lashes after 5 long years of testing and trial to make sure that the products are of high quality.


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