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Mia Hauge

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Mia Hauge CEO and founder of SUPREMELASHPRO - former LASHCOMPANY.   

Mia is a license nurse, with experience within oncology and a major in anaesthetic. 
Mia is the creator and pioneer of the first lash course focused on clients with medical conditions.

Mia spend over 5 years of researching on lash extensions to cancer patients - a topic she is extremely passionate about! She has 9 years of experience with lashes, is a celebrity lash artist, International lash judge, speaker and expert senior journalist for Lash Inc. Magazine

SUPREMELASHPRO are the leading lash brand in Denmark, providing high quality products with an unique patented formula. SUPREMELASHPRO also provides lash training and online training.

SUPREMELASHPRO manufactures their own lashes, all made by Danish materials as the only company in the world. 






Mia Hauge: 

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