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Miranda Tarpey


Miranda Tarpey   


an international Lash Expert, CEO and founder of The UK Lash Institute, the only Research and Development Lash school in the UK , where new lash techniques and ideas are invented, tested and brought to the lash industry, many of the systems we use today all over the lash world have been invented by Miranda.

Miranda is the creator and pioneer of the Volumetric Calculator ä used globally for volume and mega volume lashes, the first ever creator of a volume Lash calculator application in the entire world.

Miranda is also the creator of the Mirror Linkä  and Bifold ™ techniques used internationally for mega volume lashes. She is also Editor of Lash Inc UK Magazine , a lash journalist writing lash articles and periodicals, and author of many lash programs.

 Miranda has also written educational and reference lash books and has been the proud author of Best Seller title on Amazon. Multi award winner, she is an all-round entrepreneur having won 1st place titles in both lashes and business, As a Lash Expert, she shares her wealth of knowledge and is often a Speaker at conferences around the globe, this year alone she will be visiting 22 countries.

She is also a judge for many major lash competitions, both national and international and also writes competition criteria for participants & judges. Miranda is also an educator and teaches the world offering her unique brand of lash training to students across the globe, that benefit from expertise within this field, and this attracts all levels from beginners to advanced and educators alike who gain in depth training and knowledge from her carefully researched study programs and materials.

Miranda is editor of a brand-new Fantasy Lash Magazine & co-organizer of Fantasy Lash Week – London’s first ever Live Fantasy Lash show & after party and Lash Conference London! London’s most luxury and highly sought after lash conference!

Miranda is also co-organiser of Lash Events UK, a company that organises lash events, conferences, competitions.

Conference speaker & Competition Judge

  • Scottish Lash conference 2016 – speaker

  • Eyelash Emporium – The Lash Festival 2016 – Judge

  • Lash Challenge Croatia 2017– Speaker

  • International Conference Stockholm 2017 – Speaker

  • Madrid Conference 2017 – speaker

  • Vilnius Lithuania Lash conference 2017 - Speaker

  • Norwegian Master championships 2017 – Judge

  • Hollywood Lash Conference 2017 – Speaker

  • Lash Conference London 2017 – co-organiser & Speaker

  • Lash Battle UK 2017 – Judge

  • International Lash conference 2017 – speaker

  • The Lash Games London Olympia 2017– Judge & criteria writer

  • The International Lash Cup Bologna 2017 - Judge

  • The Oscars online competition 2017 – Judge

  • The Lash festival UK 2017 – judge

  • Beautyworld championships Sweden 2017 – judge

  • Lash art vision Calendar online competition 2017 – judge

  • Lash Pro Romania online competition 2018 - Judge

  • Bucharest Conference 2018 - speaker

  • The Lash World Cup Amsterdam 2018 – judge

  • The Swedish Masters March 2018 – judge

  • Lash Master Legends Educational Conference Rome 2018 – speaker

  • Lash Conference London 2018 – organizer and speaker

  • Lash Secrets conference Portugal March 2018 - Speaker

  • Lash Artists International Conference Arizona  March 2018 – Speaker

  • League of Lashmasters Prague April 2018 - Speaker

  • Lash Conference Japan 2018 – speaker and judge

  • Hollywood Lash Conference 2018 June– Speaker

  • Estonia Lash Conference 2018 – speaker

Twitter @uklashinstitute

Instagram /uklashinstitute

Facebook /uklashinstitute

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