Nikolina Ikić 


I am a Lash Expert, CEO and founder of "Diamant lashes" academy and products for eyelash extensions. The academy are based in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina


I'm the owner of a cosmetic salon that offers in addition to the eyelashes the nail polish, hairdressing services, solariums, professional make-up and sale of nail materials.

As one of the first lash designers and founder of eyelash products in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I direct my power to follow world trends and bring world products to this market and show my students the best side of this job at a higher level.


I educate my students for basic 1: 1 technique, russian volume 2d-6D, megavolume technique and advanced course of Russian volume lashes. 

I often run workshops where I teach my students about new products or teach new techniques and tips and triks witch appeared on the market.


I'm the founder off a group "Diamant lashes-SUPPORT GROUP" that is intended 

for all students, ambassadors and friends off Diamant lashes brand. The group serves all the issues related to the lash industry, for online support of students, counseling, monitoring of my students' work and to encourage them to stand out and not to be "just a person that do lashes" than to be a real lash lover and lash designer!




Facebook page:


Instagram: diamant_beautystudio, diamantlashes_official

Nikolina Ikić 

Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina