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Nisha Mohuzeen

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I’m Nisha Mohuzeen Lash Artist Expert / Trainer, Beauty therapist, founder of Haya Spmu studio in Saudi Arabia. Born in India, spent 8years in UAE, stepped into semi permanent makeup industry 7 years ago. Moved to Saudi Arabia, wanted to fresh up my knowledge in SPMU, travelled back to UAE, got trained by Internationally renowned master.


For the last 3 years from 2019 practicing in my private home studio. I found my passion is Eyelash Extensions and SPMU


My lash journey never ends. I decided to take a step forward an take a Certified Lash Educator Diploma course in one of the most famous and prestigious Academy LASH INC.

Taking a step ahead in my beauty career, now sharing my knowledge with my students. 


Every time Encouraging and guiding beginners in this industry reminds me of my journey from where I started 


From a Montessori teacher to Lash educator my journey has transformed me and way more to go..


If I can do it, you can too 




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