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Pamela Torres Ortiz



I’m a lash artists from Guayama, PR.


I’m a mom of a baby girl named Zamira. I have been in the lash industry almost for 4 years this year. When I took my first class of lashes I started with classics. I did this as a hobby because i loved the patience and the beautiful work lash artist were making just with their hands and a time of 2-3hrs.


Right now this is my first and only job. I love doing lashes and i have created a world of patience and consistency, also I have the time to be with my family when I want and create my own time.  This is a therapy for me and my clients. I love that I learn something new everyday, and how many people I have met in this industry. Being a lash tech is everything for me. I love my work. 

Instagram: @bmlashestudio

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