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Petr Lhotský


Petr Lhotský


 (Prague, Czech Republic),

- international trainer, judge and coach of eyelash extensions

- He graduated from the University of Economics in Prague

- 2009, he founded one of the first eyelash brands in Europe - DIAMOND LASHES®

- DIAMOND LASHES® is an exclusive brand, highly prized among professionals and the public

- DIAMOND LASHES® offers complete educational programs in eyelash extensions including a comprehensive set of high-quality professional products

- The author of several educational program - classical eyelashes, 2D / 3D, volume, eyebrows


- Personally trained over 600 people

- Graduates of the course are regularly ranked top in eyelash extensions competitions

- Co-author of the book Lash Masters VOL 2

- Works with celebrities in the Czech Republic and provides them with VIP services in eyelash extensions

- specialized in individualized training in which uses the technique of coaching

- Organiser of international competitions in eyelash extensions in Prague

- Juror of biggest international competitions in eyelash extensions (Czech, Poland, Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Voronezh), Ukraine, Latvia, Slovenia, Germany and much more in 2016)

- Juror Lash Beauty Awards 2014, Moscow (Russia)

- Speaker at the conferences Lash Revolution Moscow (Russia), Global Lash Summit – LA (USA) and UK


- Project author League of LashMasters – The biggest international educative Congress in eyelash and eyebrow Prague (CZ) September 2015, September 2016

- Together with his team develops new products for eyelash extensions – 2,5 years ago introduced the first in the world market DIAMOND LASHES gentle cleansing foam – for eyelash extensions

- in 2016 started with his master trainer VOLUME MASTERCLASS WORLDTOUR – the most innovative and progressive eyelash extension training on the global market



Petr Lhotský

Petržílkova 2570/25

158 00 Prague

Czech republic

phone: +420 603 821 932 /

The biggest international EYELASH and EYEBROW educational congress


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