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Ravi Sagoo


Ravi is a freelancer in the Media industry, working mostly for the BBC for some 15 years in areas of Television, Radio and Social Media. As a Presenter and Broadcast Journalist his work includes Television and Radio presenting credits for BBC Television, MTV, Scottish Television, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio 1/Radio 2, BBC Asian Network, Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 and Children In Need. 


Ravi also specialises in areas of digital streaming cross social media platforms, including hosting and producing a Health and Fitness series for digital content stream platform ‘BBC The Social’. 


With a portfolio of work across Event Hosting, Management & Production both in and outwith the Media, Ravi has recently taken his first steps into the Lash Industry as the Host for UK Lash Events 2018. 


With a keen interest in Men’s fashion and beauty stemming from his modelling days, he takes up the relative new post of Men’s Style Editor for Lash Inc Magazine, keeping an eye on breaking trends across Men’s health, beauty, and fashion and of courses, lashes for men.   



Tel/ 07944 641 504 

Insta/ ravisagoogram 

Facebook/ RaviSagoo

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