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Shareen Nesbeth


A self-confessed lash geek whose artistry and passion for lashes has earned a substantial social-media following, I started off in lashes as a hobbyist.

Today, an international award-winning master lash artist and trainer for Nouveau Lashes.

The love for my job is unreal, and it positively shines through my work and attitude. I could talk all day and night about lashes, I'm what you'd call a typical 'Lash Geek'. 

Extremely proactive in my job role keeping my skills updated and refreshed for students and clients, by going on ongoing training courses, workshops and conferences.

Key skills

- The best lash artists NEVER STOP LEARNING 

- Skills, creativity, knowledge, experience, time, quality of work and great products are used with each treatment my client receives 

-2nd place Classic Lashes at Lash Summit 2015

-3rd place Volume lashes - International Online Summer Lash Competition 2016

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