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Signe Langeberg


My name is Signe Langeberg and I am a lash technician with over 8 years of experience. I have been trained by many top lash artists from all over the world.  I developed my own unique fast application method of lashing while still focusing on quality and design.


I’ve been to several competitions in Europe as a participant and had an honour to be invited as a judge. I also organised an international competition “Golden Olympics”. 

I own a successful salon in London and have also owned and managed 2 salons in Europe. 

Now I am focused on growing our salon in UK, mentoring other fellow eyelash technicians by helping them develope their career, and also building a professional product line. 

Find our salon at 
Instagram @goldeneyelashes
Facebook: Golden Eyelashes London 

Professional products and mentoring at 
Instagram: @goldenexperts 
Facebook: Golden Experts 

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