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Sonia Macias

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-Professional Stylist December 2004.

-Founder of Aloha Salón & Spa May 15 2008.

-Expositor at EBIO July 2012.

-Started in the Eyelash Extension Business 2015.

-Eyelash Extensions trainer in Mexico and USA from 2017.

-Founder of Kona Lashes 2017 with more than 900 students and more than 50 Certified Lash Master Trainers.

-Certified as International Eyelash Instructor in Guangzhou, China May 2018.

-Certified in Mega Volume at House of Beauty, Tampa, July 2018.

-First place winner in the Fantasy Category at Hawai'i Lash Competition September 2018.

-Sponsor at Hawai'i Lash Competition September 2018.

-Speaker at 24 Hour Lash Conference October 2018.

-Certified as PhiLashes Artist March 2019.

-Certified as PhiBrows Artist March 2019.

-Participated at Super Yacht Competition as a Judge and Sponsor April 2019

-Certified as NALA Eyelash Extensions Educator.

-Nominated as Eyelash Educator 2019 by Artistic Fur.

-Speaker at Master Class London 2019.

-Judge and Speaker at Lash Evolution Region Norte.

-Top Artistas Hispanas de Pestañas Member.

-Judge at Lash United Sur Argentina.

-Judge at 2019 International Lash Queens Championships.

-Judge at Eye of Cobijada June 2019.

-Judge at Lash Magician 2019.

-Judge at VIP Beauty League in Oslo, Norway.

-Judge at New revolution international fantasy lash art 2019 

-Judge at Lash Olympic 2020.

-Organizer of Lash Master 2020.

-Judge at LashInc world Lash Challenge. 

-Judge at Fénix Lash Cup.

-Senior Journalist at Lash Inc Croatia.

-Judge at Eyelash Stylization.

-Judge at Lash Inc Lash World Challenge.

-Judge at Fenix Lash Cup 2019

-Writer at Lash Inc Croatia Magazine 

-Judge at Lash Christmas 2019

-Nominated as Lash Educator of the year NALA 2020

-Judge and Sponsor at Eyelash Stylization 2020

-Judge at Lash Diamond 2020

-Judge at Diamond Lash Battle

-Judge at Lash & Brow Scotland 2020

-Speaker at Lash & Coffee de Class Lash

-Judge and Sponsor at Lash & Brow Contest 2020

-Speaker at Worlds Master Online Integra I

-Judge at Villa Menzi Lash Stylist of the year 2020

-Sponsor at United Lash Master Conference

-Judge at Vietnam Eyelash’s Got Talent

-Certified as Lash Educator at Lash Inc. 2020

-Certified as PhiLashes Volume Artist 2020

-Speaker at El Éxito de Emprender

-Speaker at Perfect Volume Workshops Mexico 2020

-Judge at Best of the Best Lash and Brow Netherlands 2020

-Exclusive editor of Fleek Magazine Mexico

-Speaker at Congreso Sudamericano SAUEE

-Second clave winner in the Fantasy Category at The Skin Games 2020

-Official Godmother at Lash Godmother

-Judge at Lash Eagles

-Judge at Lift It from Lash Godmother

-Judge at TLC International Online Championship

-Certified as Global Master Educator in ML PRO Beauty Institution

-Speaker at Éxito de Emprender 2021

-Certified as Lash Master Trainer at TLC Nails and Beauty Training Academy




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