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Stefani Altieri


Skynlash Academy for Hands on & Online Lash Extension & Eye Enhancement Training with Continuing Education & Mentoring programs available.  Stefani Altieri is a Master Lash Education & Medical Esthetician. She is the only trainer for Skynlash offering quality education. Stefani is extremely passionate about what she does & lash education is her #1 Priority.  She has had hands on training from numerous Master Lash Educators from all over the world including Russia & Ukraine.


The Lash Shop is my online wholesale lash & brow supply store.  We sell worldwide with the best of the best lash & brow supplies at a more affordable price.  I not only sell my own Lash Line, StellaLash, but several other great lines to offer a wide variety for a one stop shop!!

We offer the #1 selling lash line, Vivienne, Lux Beauty, Vetus, Elleebana, Belmacil, Glamcor, Chrissanthie, Lash and Brow, Brow Couture, Lash Inc, 3M & much more!


StellaLash is my own brand that I have created based on my extensive research and studies to really gear towards the detailed lash artist who can appreciate detail & quality. This lash line is continually growing and expanding to bring you the best innovative supplies & tools.


Stefani Altieri 

Licensed Medical Esthetician & 

Certified Master Lash Educator & Trainer

Continuing Education at 

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