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Tanja Mühlbauer

Tanja Mühlbauer, owner and founder of LASHMETICS®, actually studied art. 
With some sidetrips and detours she found her true profession: Lashes

Glorious trainers as Ala Rio, Polina Glebanova, Loreta Jasilionyte, Nataliya Morozova and others gave her the know-how and inspired her to search for new ways and procedures. It would not be Tanja to stop her engagement by creating lashes. Tanja likes to give other Lashstylists a repertoire of premiumlashes and other equipment for their professional work. She always finds ways to make the lashartists work easier, faster or better. 

Tanja Mühlbauers onlineshop shows her passion for LashArt. LASHMETICS® is the place where LashArtist’s find everything for their work. 

Besides doing lashes and running LASHMETICS´onlineshop Tanja loves being a judge and often is sponsoring or judging at competitions in Germany and worldwide as for example at Lash Wars in Las Vegas, USA.

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