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Tatiana Shcherbyna


Tatiana Shcherbyna, I'm from Ukraine but I work inBergamo, Italy 

Director of "Light Lashes" company, one of the biggest eyelash extensions and brow reconstruction wholesalers in Italy. The company has established, recognised and has been already present within the territory since 2012.

Tatiana Shcherbyna works with great devotion and conviction the activity, that is why she has created over the time a unique programme of “Volume” and has developed the technique named “one by one” eyelash extensions, in this way she won the Italian national competition of eye-lashes extension. 
Thanks to her deep experience she is a judge in a lot of International Eyelash competitions and a speaker in National conferences. 
It is important to keep up to date, hence Tatiana has created the LIGHT LASHES BOOK that is a book of notes specifically designed to accompany the learning process of any student who wants to become a professional lash-maker. 
She has also carried out the graphic of a video that she shows at her students during the courses of Light Lashes Academy, the school born in the 2013. 

A very Important and popular school in Italy with a lot of courses for any kind of request and with a deep knowledge of the eyelashes world. 
Its students are so deeply prepared that they regularly partake and win a lot of titles and awards, in international competitions (for example those in Russia, Italy, Slovenia and Great Britain). 
Obviously this fact has increased the fame of the academy; in fact now it is very well known not only on the national territory. 
Light Lashes Academy is a serious and professional company looking for innovations and developments in the eyelashes world. 


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