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Urszula Piwowarczyk


Urszula Piwowarczyk is a lash extensions artist and trainer based in the charming county of Lancashire. Her drive for knowledge and constant strive to polish her skills and technique make her one of the most wanted and hard-working stylist in the region.

Before establishing her business in England, she studied hard with some of the most respected trainers and international competition judges. She currently holds 12 certificates, of which she's very proud. She also entered multiple competitions with very good results – 8 cups.

While being very busy with doing eyelash extensions on a day to day basis she also finds time to search for the best techniques, products, and novelties in the lash industry.

Ursula's everyday experience plus her strong will to constantly expand her knowledge makes her an ideal trainer. She doesn't only pass the theoretical knowledge to her students, but also offers very practical tips and encourages them to follow her path of self-improvement. 


Her training courses are packed with tons of useful information to ensure each student gets a full and comprehensive package to make their start in the 'lash world' easier. She also concentrates on small groups or does VIP one-to-one training only, to make sure every participant gets her attention and no one is left out.



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