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Wendy Kirkham


Wendy Kirkham


Once a Pharmacist, now a successful entrepreneur.


Wendy is a successful network marketing professional who ascended to the top leadership rank at one of the fastest growing network marketing organizations. Wendy accomplished this personal goal through sheer determination, unending tenacity, and a success-driven mindset. Wendy was able to retire from her Pharmacist career at the age of 46 and has achieved financial independence and become a successful business woman.


She was able to create the life that she envisioned for herself and her family so they can live the life that they love. A life not bound by financial obligations and a 9-5 work schedule, thus, providing the flexibility and resources to live more and do more.


Because of what she has accomplished, Wendy aims to inspire other women and men out there to chase their dreams and live the life that they love. And with courage, determination, and perseverance, everything is within reach.


If you are aspiring to build a successful business, to be your own boss, or to be financially independent, Wendy Kirkham is your person. Her experiences and life story are enough inspiration to guide you in planning for your future and achieving your goals. She can mentor you in building your own business and provide financial opportunities.


If you would love to explore what having your own international cosmetic business could do for you, go to 

or email Wendy at


Just like Wendy, you can achieve what she has achieved and more. Your dream life is waiting for you. Question is, are you ready?

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