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Check out Artistic Fur Lash and Brow (More information and links provided in the article below)

Artistic Fur Lash & Brow is a company based in Glasgow, Scotland. We work towards quality over the quantity. Currently we have a studio where we provide treatments and courses in lash artistry alongside a line of amazing hand sharpened tweezers.

Why have you decided to organise the Lash Battle?

Ksenia Karnejenko (the CEO of Artistic Fur) decided to host Lash Battle in Scotland because she wanted to promote the lash industry and show local artists that it’s not only about providing a client with a decent level of treatment. There is so much more to our ever evolving industry and there is definitely room to grow for all who work within it.

We are extremely thankful for the trust and opportunity that London Lash Pro has provided us with. Also a massive thank you to Hanna Pujato (the CEO of the LLP) Lash Battle which is her creation and what she has done for the industry is awesome!

Ksenia comments:

"As a participant and winner of many lash competitions myself I know how scary it is to enter, but I am grateful that we had participants from all over the world who came to Glasgow to show off their talents."

Our future plans are huge. We want to continue to grow and develop the lash and brow industry in Scotland. Our goal is to bring knowledge to local artists, inspire them to dream big and earn more.

There’s so much in the pipeline for the future we are buzzing with excitement and would like to take this opportunity to tell you that we are preparing a lash conference in November 2019.

For more info contact us at

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