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Cosmoprof Launch in India (links located towards the end of article)

The Sarah Star Hotel in Mumbai was the September setting for a glamourous and cutting-edge event which saw the Indian and Global beauty companies UBM India and BolognaFiere join forces to forge a new exciting collaborative working partnership with the launch of the inaugural edition Cosmoprof India.

With a successful track history of signature trade shows in Bologna, Las Vegas and Hong Kong which collectively involve over 370,000 professionals and 7,000 companies from across the World, the Cosmoprof platform has now ventured into India which is a dynamic and growing economic market for the beauty sector.

With 122 companies in attendance both from local and global markets, Cosmoprof India represents a brand new opportunity for growth and development for brands of finished products (especially in skincare, body-care and haircare) with the leaders in raw materials and ingredients, contract manufacturing and private labels.

Speaking at the inauguration of COSMOPROF INDIA, Mr. Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, UBM India said;

“The awareness of beauty products and treatments is at an all-time high in India owing to factors such as increasing premium on personal grooming, changes in consumption patterns and lifestyles, improved purchasing power and effective marketing of the brands.

The Indian sub-continent is keen to discover finished world-class beauty products that are now in demand among a broader base of consumers. Cosmoprof India, backed by the immense knowledge and expertise of a coveted international brand like Cosmoprof Worldwide, aims to analyse and forecast trends and developments in the Beauty and Cosmetics industry along with helping businesses prosper.

Our preview promises not only constructive, but also an informative and engaging three days. It seeks to bring immense value to beauty and cosmetics professionals in India to reap the benefits of the advantageous market in a structured manner.

Further, networking with leading international brands and suppliers, providing new industrial, service and packaging solutions is sure to help enhance local production, introducing to India innovative technologies and superior quality standards that are a requirement at the international level.”

The two day Cosmoprof India launch witnessed a number of captivating presentations and features including in-depth sessions and seminars of Cosmotalks which showcased the collaborations of internationally renowned partners to Beautystreams that specialise in consulting projects and development of market lines.

Also speaking at the launch was Cinzia Barbieri, Board Member of BolognaFiere Cosmoprof and BolognaFiere Group:

“The Cosmoprof network lands in India for the first time, to maximize the business opportunities offered by the country.

“India is a fast-growing market, looking for high quality international brands, and at the same time local suppliers are emerging. Attendees will have the chance to be updated on what’s new in the beauty universe, with the seminars and workshops of the Cosmotalks calendar.

Key international experts and opinion leaders will share their experiences and knowledge, suggesting new processes and trends for further developing Indian cosmetics industry.”

Further highlights from the event included the ’Spring/Summer 2019 Beauty Trend Forecast‘ where leading partners spoke on colours, textures and look inspirations for the beauty industry for the upcoming season.

Euromonitor, a highly referenced market research organisation ran a learning session under the title ’New Consumer Values and Novel Concepts in Beauty‘ which highlighted how consumers are turning to meaningful consumption and rewarding values such as quality, transparency, simplicity and customised experience.

With all the glitz and glamour there was also dedicated time for business opportunities and networking during the event. The preview included an International Buyer Program by Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna that led to B2B meetings between companies, distributors, buyers, importers and suppliers from India, United Arab Emirates and South East Asia

With India becoming the next country to take on Cosmoprof. Could you be planning your next product sourcing trip to Mumbai? Will the Lash market show organic or exponential growth in this new market? Watch this space for future updates on beauty in India.

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