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10 Reasons That Are Stopping Customers Returning! (Link to London Lash Pro and Lash Inc. Magazine we

1) Bad Retention, the first reason may seem obvious: simply that their lashes are falling out.

The client may not have followed the correct after care however this isn’t always the case. It could also be:

● Not enough glue was used

● Not using the correct pre-treatment (having traces of make-up on natural lashes or not using a cleanser and primer before applying the extensions)

● Incorrectly chosen glue (room temperature, humidity and drying speed of the glue are all factors you will need to take into account when choosing your adhesive).

2) Bad Hygiene, an extremely obvious reason but one that people forget! Remember you are working within close proximity to your clients face; they DO NOT want to be smelling coffee breath for 2 hours. Here are a few things to watch out for you may not have realized:

● Illness, a no brainier but one that people seem to always forget... If you are showing signs of flu then do not touch your client. They will not thank you for making them sick!

● Smoking before you see your client. Try to schedule your cigarette breaks so you have at least half an hour to ‘air out’ before your next client. Always wash your hands, chew a piece of gum or take a mint. Alternatively, electronic cigarettes don’t leave any unpleasant smells at all.

● Drinking coffee. Yes, we all love an Iced Frappe from Starbucks on our breaks but think before you drink!

● Eating strong smelling foods ​like Garlic, Onions and Spicy Foods​ are no no’s! As well as ​Tuna and Fish in general. ​If you really have to, make sure to have a strong chewing gum afterwards and wear a mask during the treatment.

● Not disinfecting your hands before your treatment. Spend 30 seconds to use some hand sanitiser and clean your hands before starting the treatment and if at any point during the treatment you need to sanitize again, then do so!

● Not wearing a mask (even if you have good hygiene, some clients do not enjoy your warm breath on their face)

We hope that we don’t have to mention the obvious ones such as having a shower and brushing your teeth. Also keep in mind dental problems such as cavities or plaque can cause bad breath and stomach problems such as gastritis, which can also cause unpleasant smells. It’s always better to head to the doctor if you feel like you are facing these issues.

3) Noisy Surroundings, there is nothing worse for your client when you should be paying them 100% attention and you are having conversations with members of your salon. If your salon or workspace is very noisy, then make sure you have a quiet room/ space. Otherwise your clients will not relax and end up leaving stressed.

Just to recap:

● Be in a quiet room if possible.

● Play sensual music that will help your client relax.

● If you work with other people, politely ask them to keep the volume down.

● Do not have private conversations between you and your colleagues.

4) Client Comfortability, It is important that your client is as comfortable as possible. After all they are going to be lying there for around 2 hours if not more and if it isn’t a relaxing experience for them, chances are they are not going to return.

● Ensure your bed is comfortable (Have a memory foam cover if possible)

● Use an ergonomic pillow (We recommend our London Lash memory foam neck pillow)

● Make sure your client has a blanket if they are cold.

● Ask your client if they are comfortable throughout the treatment (they may want to readjust)

● Ask your client if they would like to use the bathroom before you begin and also make sure that you don’t need the bathroom yourself.

5) Unprofessional Work Space

If your workspace looks untidy or you’re not using professional products it’s going to be off putting before the treatment has even begun. Remember first impressions are everything!

● Ensure your salon and work station is ALWAYS clean, tidy and organised.

● Use professional products such as a ‘Glamcor Light’ and not just a table lamp.

● Have a nice made bed before your client lies on it.

● Any surfaces should be spotless, no food, no drinks, no stains and no mobile phones!

6) Pressure When Applying Lashes. This is a mistake a lot of eyelash artists tend to make and the majority of the time you may not even notice you’re doing it.

● Watch your hand placement on the clients face.

● Never rest the tweezers on the eyepatches when isolating (the tweezers are very sharp. It is so easy for them to poke through. It could also increase the chances of adhesive fumes getting into eyes and resulting with a chemical burn).

● Never lean on the client with any weight.

7) Getting Distracted There is nothing more unprofessional then not giving your client your full care and attention during their treatment. You will be working based on appointments, taking a certain amount of time, do not waste it! Your client expects your full focus and attention to make their lashes as beautiful as you possibly can. This means:

● No replying to your messages during the treatment (keep your mobile phone on silent and in a drawer somewhere).

● Do not be having conversations with other colleagues and ask they stay out of your workspace whilst you have a client.

● Ensure your workspace is organised and fully stacked, so you’re not looking for things.

8) Bad Styling, one of the most vital things about lashing is making sure of the correct style for your clients eye shape and also ensuring the lashes are not too long or heavy for your clients lashes. Not only is it very damaging to their lashes, it doesn’t look very good either.

● Ask what your clients expectations are. Your version of natural, may be very different to theirs.

● Make sure you choose the correct length, curl and thickness for your clients lashes, eye shape and bone structure.

● Ask to see pictures of their day to day makeup routine, so you know what kind of look would suit their style.

9) Stickies, the dreaded stickies! Something that is very damaging for your clients natural lashes. Not only are they damaging, they can cause pain and/or discomfort for your client. It is not a very nice experience.

● Make sure you’re isolating correctly

● Lashes should NOT be stuck to neighboring lashes

● Always take 10 –15 minutes at the end of the treatment, to check your work for stickies.

10) No Availability, the last reason may not be something you're doing as a lash technician, but maybe you just simply have no availability. However you don’t want your client having to go elsewhere for their infills.

● Always ask your client if they want to book their next appointment before they leave.

● Don’t take on new clients if your too booked up to do their infills.

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