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MAKEUP AND LASH EXTENSIONS (Lash Inc. Links located at bottom of article)

Eyelash extensions are currently one of the fastest growing fashion trends in the beauty industry. A much

desired and sought after treatment amongst brides, models, celebrities and whoever takes a good care of their looks .

Eyelash Extensions provide you with an effortless flawless look 24/7 and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon or ever. All through in the past and even now in the present day, we have been taught to tell our clients “absolutely NO makeup on your eyes, especially eyeliners”.

Not many girls and women can image their lives without makeup, can you?

When you have eyelash extensions on many do leave makeup on the side, however there is another group of people who go that extra mile in creating that perfect flawless look. And that means using makeup. So what about MUA’s, who’s everyday life, is makeup? Have you seen influencers/celebrities or even housewives going to party without at least foundation on? Instead of telling them ‘NO’, let’s teach your clients how to take care of their lash extensions and how properly remove make up.

Now, you have to be very careful of what to use together with lash extensions as many products on the market will not be suitable and might damage the lashes or cause infections or even worse blepharitis, if make-up is left on longer than it should be. And please admit that if have you had one or two clients, where you can see a few days’ worth of make-up is still left on, grrrr ….

However, if to question whether or not to wear makeup with lash extensions the answer is – Yes, you can! With that come some simple rules; use the Lash extension safe cleansers and clean at the end of the day, not just around the eyes, but go through lashes with the brush, as make up residue sits there.

The exciting news is now there are makeup products being developed to be safely compatible with extensions. We are learning more about the way ingredients work and interact with each other as well as with the natural lash, lash growth and with lash extensions of course.

More and more products are being developed to be compatible with lash extensions including Flawless Lashes by Loreta eyeliner pens which are safely compatible and come in four intense and glamorous colours. The precise tip pen comes in black, brown, purple and green for an intensely alluring and oh-so-glamorous eye colour. And the best part is they have the full approval of your lash extensions stylist.

Its’s so cool, that it doesn’t leave any sticky residue like many of liquid eyeliners, dries immediately, so no there is no danger to ruin your extensions.

Let’s have some more fun and why not to earn extra dollars by reselling the correct products to your beloved customers.

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